Boreal Paint Oy is an industrial painting company established in Tornio in early 2019. However, we have over 20 years of experience in the surface treatment industry, so we carry out surface treatments safely and with great professionalism.

We serve throughout Finland and Northern Sweden. We will be happy to tell you more about our activities!

We provide professional surface treatment using new methods and state-of-the-art tools


We are a young company with up-to-date know-how in the industry and a keen grip on working.

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We work with 20 years of experience and our work is always well maintained and of high quality.

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Our transportable equipment enables us to work throughout Finland.

Effective and safe surface treatment from Tornio

Boreal Paint Oy is a Tornio based company specializing in surface treatment.

Temporarily, the surface treatment operations will take place at Jokivarrentie 15, Tornio. However, our company also has transportable equipment that enables surface treatment services at a customer's site all over Finland. With the transportable equipment we are able to do sand, soda and glass blasting and spray painting. The equipment is ideally suited for both industrial and private use, meaning we carry out all kinds of assignments!
Our company employs a couple of painters, a lifting entrepreneur and a metalworking professional. Our clients are mainly metal and construction companies, but we also serve individuals.

Wet painting

One of our services is wet painting. We do spray painting mainly for companies and industrial operators. In wet painting we use the most modern technology. This gives the painting a high standard.

Wet painting provides improved corrosion resistance and visual appearance of the product. Our professional painters know how to choose the right paint for the conditions of use. The choice of paint depends on whether the item to be painted will be indoors or outdoors and will be exposed to mechanical stress or dirt and the material from which it is made of.

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You can order soda blasting from us, which can be used to clean many surfaces and remove oxidation. We use CE approved soda blasting equipment. We carry out both
large and small projects. We also do sand and grit blasting and blasting with crushed glass.

We will also be happy to provide more information on the benefits and services of blasting.

Transportable equipment

We have transportable equipment in hand, which enables us to work throughout Finland and even Europe if necessary. Our transportable equipment enables us to carry out any surface

treatment work you need in any location, with the exception of grain blasting.

We operate from Tornio throughout Finland and Northern Sweden. When you need professional surface treatment, contact us! We will serve you flexibly and with a hands-on


Northern surface treatment with solid expertise and experience from Tornio!

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