Boreal Paint Oy carries out high-quality sandblasting and other surface treatments in Tornio and throughout Finland and northern Sweden. In addition to sand, soda, grit and glass blasting, we also do wet painting. We work with 20 years of experience and strong know-how.


Sandblasting provides a surface where the paint is guaranteed to stick to. After sandblasting, the paint can be sprayed with a suitable thickness of primer and topcoat. We mainly do sandblasting for various companies and industrial operators.


Soda blasting allows gentle surface treatment and a clean result. Soda blasting can remove old surface treatment agents from various surfaces and effectively clean them. Sodium bicarbonate crystals, commonly known as baking soda, are used for soda blasting, which are sprayed on the surface to be treated with compressed air. As they strike the surface of the body to be cleaned, the crystals explode and the energy created detaches the desired layers.

Soda blasting can be used for example in the following surface treatments:

  • Boat washing and cleaning
  • Cleaning and paint removal of buildings
  • Cleaning and paint removal of vehicles
  • Cleaning and paint removal of yard furniture and structures
  • Cleaning of fire damage
  • Paint removal
  • Mold removal
  • Degreasing
  • Industrial cleaning

Crushed glass blasting

Crushed glass blasting is well suited for example for the priming of a vehicle to be painted as it leaves no residue on the cleaned surface. It leaves the car with a rough, even surface that is suited as it is for most paints. Even thin sheet metal is well-suited to be blown by the method. Crushed glass can also remove rust.

Blasted glass is environmentally friendly. It is commonly used as a ground fill. The glass also does not cause wounds as it is ground into tiny pieces.


Grain blasting is mostly used for the cleaning, smoothing, matting and shaping of hard surfaces. Compressed air driven grain blasting equipment is used for blasting.

The purpose of grain blasting is to obtain the desired surface of the product, for example before painting.


Boreal Paint Oy from Tornio provides high-quality sandblasting and other surface treatments all over Finland and in northern Sweden!

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